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    • The Many, Many Theories About Leonardo da Vinci

      The Atlantic· 1 month ago

      Leonardo da Vinci died at the age of 67 on May 2, 1519, at the small manor house in the Loire Valley given to him by King Francis I of France. An excavation decades later turned up bones that ...

    • The New Abortion Bills Are a Dare

      The Atlantic· 1 month ago

      At the very least, they hope the Supreme Court will undercut Roe and subsequent decisions that reaffirmed abortion rights, the idea being that each legal challenge makes it a little harder to ...

    • The Supreme Court Is Allergic To Math

      FiveThirtyEight· 2 years ago

      The Supreme Court does not compute. The justices, the most powerful jurists in the land, seem to have a reluctance — even an allergy — to taking math and statistics seriously. For decades, the ...