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    • COMMENTARY: SCSU: decisions, choices

      COMMENTARY: SCSU: decisions, choices

      The Times and Democrat· 5 days ago

      In South Carolina, esteemed Gov. Henry McMaster, with two years remaining on his term, is bringing a higher education fight, not realizing it could bring...

    • COMMENTARY: Progressives destroying trust

      COMMENTARY: Progressives destroying trust

      The Times and Democrat· 3 days ago

      The 2023 Gallup Poll of trust in American institutions has been generally ignored by mainstream media, and yet it’s findings are the ...

    • COMMENTARY: Left strangling the truth

      COMMENTARY: Left strangling the truth

      The Times and Democrat· 2 weeks ago

      This was despite the inclusion of Biden’s poor memory and mental clarity as justification not to prosecute him. Biden scheduled an impromptu press...