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    • What to do if you think your Mac has a virus

      Macworld· 23 hours ago

      A lot of the websites offering advice on Mac malware removal are companies trying to sell your anti-virus solutions, which makes their tips somewhat biased ...

    • Yes, You Still Need Antivirus Software

      Yes, You Still Need Antivirus Software

      CNET· 2 days ago

      Antivirus software has had to get savvier, adapting to more complete malware as people spend more time online. The best antivirus software offers secure...

    • Malware and best practices for malware removal

      VentureBeat· 6 days ago

      It is a general name for different code variants developed by cyberattackers to cause deliberate damage to a computer system or network of systems. Here, we take a deep dive into malware ...

    • How to know if your Mac has been hacked

      How to know if your Mac has been hacked

      Macworld· 2 days ago

      It’s a long-held belief of Mac users that their computers are immune to the kind of malware and viruses that plague Windows PCs. While there is some...

    • SecureAge CatchPulse

      PC Magazine· 7 days ago

      While I haven’t tracked its progress over the years, I can see from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine that SecureAge has provided Enterprise-level security for decades. CatchPulse, the ...

    • How Secure Anti virus Programs Are - Adotas

      ADOTAS· 2 days ago

      When comparing anti virus programs, you could wonder what kind is the most secure. You can find away how protected antivirus programs are by simply comparing ...