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    • The Mirage volcano ready to erupt for the last time

      KTNV Las Vegas· 10 hours ago

      For the last 35 years, driving down Las Vegas Boulevard at night meant seeing a fiery glow from the north end of the Strip. The Mirage volcano has been drawing crowds since ...

    • DR Congo Conflict Fuels Forest Loss

      US News & World Report· 3 hours ago

      Under the denuded slopes of Mount Nyiragongo volcano in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, traders in Kibati town bartered over sacks of charcoal, a product of deforestation ...

    • The Eruption of Vesuvius - Nature

      Nature· 1 day ago

      THE eruption of Vesuvius has quieted down since last week, though scoriæ and ash continue to be ejected and there still seems to be a slow flow of lava, but in comparison ...

    • Historic Natural Events - Nature

      Nature· 5 days ago

      Jan. 12, 1914. Eruption of Sakura-jima.—A violent eruption occurred in the island volcano of Sakura-jima in south Japan. It was preceded ...