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      Salem News· 6 days ago

      — Police were called at 2:10 a.m. Monday to Salem Regional Medical Center for a combative patient who was breaking policies by filming within the hospital and acting disorderly ...

    • Indictments Filed Sept. 21

      Indictments Filed Sept. 21

      Cape May County Herald· 3 days ago

      A Cape May County grand jury handed up 24 indictments Sept. 21. Carly E. Barrett, Christine Bernsteel, and Zachary M. Bernsteel were jointly indicted on...

    • Over Easy: Lebanon by the numbers

      Over Easy: Lebanon by the numbers

      Valley News· 3 days ago

      Lebanon isn’t one of those cities that never sleeps. I think I can speak for many when I say that a good, sound, peaceful, comfy, restorative sleep is...

    • Letter: Just in Case

      The Malibu Times· 7 days ago

      Austin, Texas, is often referred to as “The Santa Monica f Texas.” The city floats like a blue bubble amidst a vast cauldron of red, hot liquid. Governor Greg Abbot