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  1. A massive rainstorm hits much of Illinois, and in the midst of a family crisis about how to pay for Roseanne’s knee surgery and whether Dan should hire undocumented workers, they realize their ...

  2. Officials said homes, businesses, streets, rail lines and schools in Park Hills suffered damage from floodwaters Monday. Park Hills City Administrator Mike McFarland said 41 homes were ...

  3. Francois County, yet dozens of homes are now left with water damage and quite the mess. "It was fast, it was fast," said Megan Lynch, who works at Tiny Tots Daycare in Park Hills ...

  4. MISSOULA — Receding water is allowing officials to better survey flood damage that occurred to homes in the Missoula area in western Montana. However, officials warn that high water along... more

  5. How Kenya Can Take Advantage of its Rainfall

    US News & World Report4 days ago

    By addressing key issues, the African nation can begin to ensure it has sufficient water to meet its needs in dry periods and mitigate flood damage when rain comes.

  6. High water in south central Montana’s major rivers has prompted Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to restrict 11 fishing access sites to walk-in only.

  7. Residents of San Saba are cleaning up after storms caused damage throughout the city.

  8. Men stand in water on a flooded road after heavy rain and strong winds caused damage in Hadibu as Cyclone Mekunu pounded the Yemeni island of Socotra, Thursday, May 24,

  9. It took a cast of good Samaritans and some quick thinking to get her car out of the water and her family home safely.

  10. Esty which are aimed at ameliorating pollution to Connecticut ground water caused by corroded pipes. The amendments to the Water Resources and Development Act are directed at the ...

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