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    • How to install Cockpit on Debian Server

      TechRepublic· 24 minutes ago

      If you'd like to add a web-based admin panel to Debian Server, Jack Wallen is here to walk you through the process of installing the user-friendly Cockpit tool. Debian Server ...

    • What is YunoHost and how do you install it?

      TechRepublic· 24 minutes ago

      Yunohost is a spin of Debian server that includes a user-friendly, web-based interface for the management of servers, users and other items. YunoHost is an operating system ...

    • How SaaS transforms software development

      How SaaS transforms software development

      InfoWorld· 8 hours ago

      Instead, applications were overwhelmingly written for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. “Software delivery” often meant copying a...

    • Why edge is eating the world

      Why edge is eating the world

      VentureBeat· 2 days ago

      World” in the Wall Street Journal. As the founder of a company that enables GraphQL at the edge, I want to share my perspective as to why I believe the...