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    • The 11 Absolute Best Coriander Substitutes

      The 11 Absolute Best Coriander Substitutes

      MSN News· 6 days ago

      Knowing how to cook with coriander is important information, but understanding how to replace it? Essential. Use these tips to stock a ready replacement.

    • The Ecstatic, Elusive Art of Ming Smith

      The Ecstatic, Elusive Art of Ming Smith

      New York Times· 1 hour ago

      The artist was the first Black woman photographer to have her work acquired by MoMA. Now, decades later, as she returns for a solo show, she reflects on...

    • YOUR VIEW: Reduce wild geese; thoughts on book ban column

      Montrose Daily Press· 2 days ago

      “Avian Flu detected at Confluence Park” (DCI, Jan. 18) warns of the disease in local geese. This happens in prairie dogs, wild rabbits, and other wildlife populations. There are far too many ...

    • Column: Commit to reading the Bible each day in 2023· 4 days ago

      For some of you when you read this, your New Year’s resolutions, if you made any, have been broken. A habit is a routine or practice performed regularly. What is the holy habit I challenge you to participate in? Read your Bible each day.

    • Hearing the Voice of our Lord

      Arkansas Democrat-Gazette· 10 hours ago

      When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and cut and played a record of him speaking, his dog perked up because he could hear his master's voice. Terrific -- just listen to your pastor, or someone else (or yourself) reading the Bible out loud.