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    • 11 Tips to Manage ADHD Procrastination

      Healthline· 2 days ago

      Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but for people with ADHD, procrastination can be a particularly challenging obstacle. If you have ADHD, you may find...

    • Teens with ADHD: more ZZZ's means more A's?

      ABC 2 Baltimore· 6 days ago

      Parents of teens know first-hand they don’t always have the best sleep habits, making some mornings a nightmare. Sleep deprivation may also have an...

    • 'It took 54 years to realise I had ADHD'

      Daily Telegraph· 6 days ago

      After having our three children, Amy, now 24, Toby, 22, and Oliver, 20, I decided to stop work to focus on family. The truth was, I’d knew I’d struggle...