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    • What is a car maintenance plan?

      Consumer Affairs· 5 days ago

      Proper maintenance is key to preserving your vehicle’s value. Oil changes, tire rotations and fluid refills are mandatory if you want to keep your car in good shape, but the ...

    • Column: Are extended car warranties worth it?

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      Ted Bacino purchased a used 2017 Mustang from a Palm Springs Ford dealer. First, the one time Bacino, 87, tried to use his extended warranty, he was told...

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      Although people have to face this task an average of about every 11 1/2 years when buying a new car, there are secrets to purchasing a car that can make...

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      Car dealers are notorious for trying to upsell buyers with all kinds of pricey add-ons, but that shoe can be worn on both feet. According to Edmunds,...

    • What Is Gap Insurance, and What Does It Cover?

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      When selecting coverage, you will likely know if you want to have collision coverage or not, but will you know what gap insurance and whether to select...

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      Things to Do Before Buying a Used Car Used car dealerships exist to make money. Your job is to save money — which you can't do unless you know the right ...

    • 50 Terrible Ways To Try and Save Money

      GOBankingRates via Yahoo Finance· 2 weeks ago

      Skipping this routine service can lead to the need for more costly car repairs down the line. Finding a good deal on something that you truly need is a...

    • Cars and SUVs With Highest Repair Costs

      Consumer Reports via Yahoo News· 2 months ago

      Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site. Today’s premium models are more complex and feature-laden than ever.