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    • California low cost auto insurance

      California low cost auto insurance

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 1 month ago

      Auto insurance is mandatory for drivers in nearly every state, but car insurance isn’t always affordable, especially if you live in certain states. Some...

    • Insurance for first-time drivers

      Insurance for first-time drivers

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 2 months ago

      David Lees/Getty Images Car insurance may be an intimidating topic for first-time drivers. Many insurance companies consider new drivers riskier to...

    • Time to Reshop Your Home and Auto Insurance

      Time to Reshop Your Home and Auto Insurance

      Kiplinger via Yahoo Finance· 1 year ago

      The talking lizard from Geico and perky Flo from Progressive claim that switching insurance companies and bundling policies can save you money. Bundlers...

    • Amica vs. Progressive

      Amica vs. Progressive

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 4 months ago

      FG Trade/Getty Images Founded in 1907, Amica Insurance is the oldest mutual auto insurer for automobiles in the United States. It underwrites its own...