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    • Pros and cons of debt consolidation

      Pros and cons of debt consolidation

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 10 hours ago

      American consumer debt — including mortgages, car loans, credit cards and student loans — reached $16.90 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2022,...

    • The best debt settlement companies of 2023

      The best debt settlement companies of 2023

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 4 months ago

      Weekend Images Inc./Getty Images If you’re overwhelmed with debt, a debt settlement company can be a solution to help you reduce your monthly bills....

    • What is debt forgiveness?

      What is debt forgiveness?

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 2 months ago

      Maskot/Getty Images Having debt can feel overwhelming. If it seems like you won’t be able to continue to make your debt payments, then you may want to...

    • Top 4 Debt Settlement Myths

      Benzinga via Yahoo Finance· 2 years ago

      If you struggle with debt, you know how important it is to have debt relief options. Unfortunately, many think their choice is limited to debt consolidation loans or bankruptcy. Don’t let myths ...

    • What's a Good Debt-to-Income Ratio for a Mortgage?

      U.S.News & World Report via Yahoo News· 1 year ago

      Buying a house is expensive, but having a good debt-to-income ratio can keep costs down by giving you access to the best mortgage interest rates. Your DTI ratio helps lenders decide how much ...