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    • We Need to Talk About Retirement Decumulation

      Morningstar· 5 days ago

      On The Long View podcast is David John, senior strategic policy advisor at the AARP Public Policy Institute, who joins us to talk about retirement planning and portfolio management ...

    • The Lesbian Perez Hilton of TikTok

      The Lesbian Perez Hilton of TikTok

      New York Times· 6 days ago

      For Kaelee Overfield, this mess was an opportunity. Ms. Overfield, 25, has carved out a significant following for her videos breaking down the gay gossip...

    • Senate preps piecemeal plan for NDAA

      Politico· 5 days ago

      QUESTION from Tom: To whom is the following quote attributed? And to which election was the person referring?: “If we had known we were going to win control of the Senate,” he said, “we’d have ...