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    • The fear and hype around AI is overblown

      The fear and hype around AI is overblown

      Computerworld· 6 days ago

      Reuters and The Information — recently reported sources claiming that recent drama around OpenAI’s leadership was based in part on a massive...

    • Google DeepMind Unveils Its Most Powerful AI Offering Yet

      Time Magazine· 19 hours ago

      Google DeepMind has announced its much-anticipated family of artificial intelligence chatbots, Gemini, which will compete with OpenAI’s GPT series. According to Google, Gemini Ultra, its largest ...

    • The Year of ChatGPT and Living Generatively

      The Year of ChatGPT and Living Generatively

      Wired News· 7 days ago

      Of course, OpenAI’s game-changing large language model was precocious at birth, tumbling into civilization’s ongoing conversation like an uninvited guest...

    • Microsoft Shrinks Rewards Program, Rankling Fans

      ExtremeTech· 3 days ago

      Under the cover of darkness—AKA without any blog posts to announce it—late last week, Microsoft transformed its free loyalty program. Since 2016, Microsoft Rewards has allowed those who use ...

    • Xbox Rewards sucks now

      GameSpot· 4 days ago

      It'll only get worse until enough people give up on it and then they can end it entirely due to a "lack of interest" in the program. Well I just canceled my game pass. Not enough to justify 17 bucks a month.