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      Jalopnik· 14 minutes ago

      Full power increases depend on whether the Mustang has an active exhaust system or not, but the supercharger kit’s output doesn’t dip below 800 horses, all told. The carmaker-approved ...

    • Gateway - Jalopnik

      Jalopnik· 15 minutes ago

      Verstappen, who has already clinched the World Championship, wouldn’t have gained much by finishing in sixth place instead of seventh, but Pérez, who is currently seeking ...

    • Gateway - Quartz

      Quartz· 16 minutes ago

      One of his best pieces of career advice is to have a good attitude, Jassy told LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky in an interview posted to the site last week. Things like working hard, being more ...

    • Gateway - The Root

      The Root· 11 minutes ago

      When Black Panther was nominated for Best Picture in 2019, it was due to an aggressive campaign from Disney and Marvel Studios, as well as public outcry about how the game-changing film needed ...