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    • How to survive the inevitable CD revival

      How to survive the inevitable CD revival

      Engadget· 5 days ago

      Compact Discs are making a comeback, kinda. The shiny digital format is gaining new fans thanks to new gear and of course new music. Here's how to get...

    • Sonic Origins (for PC) Review

      Sonic Origins (for PC) Review

      PC Magazine· 6 days ago

      As a 1990s child, one of my earliest gaming memories involves sitting in front of a television and playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Diving into these...

    • Bookmark this expansive guide to DevOps for Windows· 4 days ago

      It often seems like the bulk of DevOps tools are set up for Linux environments, but Microsoft shops shouldn't be left behind. Practice DevOps for Windows with this collection