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    1. The chocolate bar, which has a 'small sugar reduction', will contain more milk and cocoa than ever before

    2. Turkish chocolate festival features bust of President Trump Merkel was a particular challenge, taking Geckil about three weeks to complete, partly because the sugary but stern sculpture includes an outstretched arm and pointed finger.

    3. Why would the universe want to trick us into thinking we're about to sink our teeth into inches of solid chocolate only to shatter our dreams with a flimsy chocolate shell? Thankfully ...

    4. Atlanta-based small batch chocolate maker Xocolatl produces lovely single-origin chocolate bars with beans sourced from around the world. The folks at Xocolatl have been making ...

    5. Italian candy giant Ferrero International named its first nonfamily chief executive in two decades, as an ambitious effort to boost sales and expand its global footprint starts to make strides.

    6. Maltesers is now selling boxes of chocolates

      Cosmo via Yahoo News3 days ago

      From Cosmopolitan UK In today's instalment of exciting chocolate news, Maltesers has announced a box of luxury chocolates. EXCITING. Yep, forget those little balls of chocolate ...

    7. She gamely performed it along with Grimshaw after insulting the handiwork of all American chocolatiers with the controversial sweeping statement, “I’ve been in America, and the chocolate ...

    8. Sponge Candy is a rich, creamy chocolate surrounded by a crispy honeycomb sponge toffee interior that melts in your mouth.

    9. Salty Malty Brownie Cookies

      Milwaukee Journal Sentinel2 days ago

      These cookies put chocolate front and center in a way that only cookies with a pound and a half of chocolate can. The recipe is adapted from Food & Wine magazine, where it was attributed to Belinda Leong.

    10. 7 Healthy Easter Egg Recipes

      Food & Wine via Yahoo News7 days ago

      Balance out chocolate Easter eggs with deliciously healthy ones. Easter means lots of tasty chocolate eggs, but that doesn’t mean you can't enjoy healthy ones too. From amazing ...

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