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    • The Energy Report: Back-Track |

      The Energy Report: Back-Track |· 3 hours ago

      It seems that the oil trade is backtracking on calls for ‘peak oil demand’ and is now more focused on the possibility of ‘peak oil’ production in the US...

    • Matthews: Isolationism isn’t a US option

      Matthews: Isolationism isn’t a US option

      The Hill via Yahoo News· 9 hours ago

      As CNN reports, “In recent years it [China] has launched large guided-missile destroyers, amphibious assault ships and aircraft...and are going around...

    • The US and the Jenga economy

      Politico· 4 days ago

      They’re just waiting for a green light from the Fed, the Biden administration and the Senate. McHenry said he might use a Mach... called for greater guardrails. The spat matters ...

    • Bipartisanship is dead; can it be resurrected?

      Religion News Service· 3 hours ago

      Programs like Social Security and Medicare are bipartisan now but were bitterly opposed by Republicans before their enactment. The ink on the American Constitution was hardly dry when factionalism ...