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    • How to Get Health Insurance When You're Unemployed

      U.S.News & World Report via Yahoo Finance· 5 months ago

      As millions of people lose their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic, they're also losing their health insurance -- at exactly the time when they may need the coverage ...

    • How to Pay for Coronavirus Medical Expenses

      U.S.News & World Report via Yahoo News· 6 months ago

      Family Foundation found that the cost of inpatient hospital admissions for COVID-19 could top $20,000 -- and much more if ventilator support is required. Using pneumonia experience as a guide ...

    • 15 Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job

      Motley Fool via Yahoo Finance· 2 years ago

      In some cases, departing employees who are laid off through no fault of their own are entitled to severance pay. Severance pay is a set amount of money...