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    • Nigeria: Terrorists Terrorizing Terrorists

      Strategy Page· 16 hours ago

      September 20, 2018: Since late August Boko Haram has carried out several successful attacks against the military in the northeast. The number of soldiers killed is unclear ...

    • Iraq: The Multi Front War With Iran

      Strategy Page· 2 days ago

      Iran controlled PMFs are also expected to prevent economic reconstruction in Anbar, which puts these PMFs at odds with most Anbar residents (who tend to be Sunni). Iranian...

    • Colombia: See Through The Silence

      Strategy Page· 5 days ago

      June 22, 2017: The peace deal with FARC has hit some snags but appears to be working. It’s taken longer than expected to collect all the FARC weapons and it appears that some FARC factions did ...

    • Procurement: Indo-American Defense Collaboration

      Strategy Page· 24 hours ago

      July 22, 2024: India has made a rapid switch from importing many of its weapons from Russia to obtaining them from Western manufacturers. This included several joint-production agreements where ...

    • Israel: Israel Declares War

      Strategy Page· 6 days ago

      October 30, 2023: The October 7 Palestinian Hamas attack on Israel caused a lot of deaths and quite a bit of destruction in Gaza, where Hamas was, and still is, based. Iran and most Arab nations ...