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    • What is a HELOC?

      What is a HELOC?

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 12 hours ago

      And Americans have plenty of equity to tap: As of February 2024, the average mortgage-holder has $193,000 in available home equity funds, according to...

    • What is an alienation clause?

      What is an alienation clause?

      Bankrate via AOL· 15 hours ago

      While alienation clauses prevent homeowners from transferring their mortgage to a buyer before paying back their loan, assumablemortgages are almost the...

    • Mortgage Rates Tick Back Up

      Investopedia· 3 days ago

      After notching a five-month high early last week, 30-year mortgage rates have been bobbing around a bit under the peak. Rates for most loan types ticked up to end the week.