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    • GirlZ Off Mute – Kenya

      MSN News· 34 minutes ago

      DW Africa is excited to be launching Girlz off Mute - join young female “reporters” from across the continent as they bring you stories that affect them. 14- year- old Silvia Adhiambo tells ...

    • Duo's Skis Clash While Attempting Trick Simultaneously

      MSN News· 48 minutes ago

      These two skiers attempted to do a flip simultaneously while jumping over one another. However, their skis clashed together. Luckily, they did not sustain any injury. They exclaimed at the close call.

    • Guy Falls After Jumping off Whale Tail Snow Ramp

      MSN News· 48 minutes ago

      This guy skied up a whale tail snow ramp. He jumped off and tried to do a trick by grabbing his ski mid-air. However, he could not make a perfect landing and fell into the snow.

    • Skier Tumbles Down Slope While Attempting Front Flip

      MSN News· 48 minutes ago

      This skier rode up this steep slope. He tried to do a double frontflip. However, he hit the ground and tumbled down the slope. His skis fell off his feet but he did not sustain any injury.

    • Matt Hancock fights back tears in Commons

      MSN News· 1 hour ago

      Health Secretary Matt Hancock fought back tears as he revealed his step-grandfather caught Covid-19 in Liverpool and died on November 18. The Health Secretary told MPs of the death within his ...