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    • Stop Policing Black Women’s Tone

      Stop Policing Black Women’s Tone

      The Root· 2 days ago

      Black women are the most tone-policed people on earth… and I would say Black people in general, but far too often we Black men participate in the...

    • The Self-Inventing Man

      New York Review of Books· 4 days ago

      Stendhal is one of those gambler writers who, making their throw at an unlucky time, scornfully stake on the future. It follows that “worldliness” from a natural and inevitable ...

    • 10 Edgiest '90s Anime, Ranked

      10 Edgiest '90s Anime, Ranked· 6 days ago

      Anime was no different, indulging in some of the most beloved edgy tropes of the day. Before the "proper" JoJo's anime, two short OVA series were...