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    • Workday CFO: Make Trust a Cornerstone of AI

      The Wall Street Journal· 19 hours ago

      What in your view are important considerations for finance leaders in AI deployments? Rowe: Data has been central to the work of CFOs throughout their careers, and over the ...

    • Building a Neuroinclusive Workplace

      Building a Neuroinclusive Workplace

      The Wall Street Journal· 7 days ago

      Building a neuroinclusive organization goes beyond adapting hiring processes to bring more neurodiverse people into the workplace.3 A comprehensive...

    • Gates Welcomes Chief Accounting Officer

      Tehachapi News· 3 days ago

      Gates Industrial Corporation plc (NYSE: GTES) is pleased to announce the appointment of John Patouhas as Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer, effective today, Monday, June 17, 2024 ...