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    • Ororo Munroe (Earth-9997)

      Ororo Munroe (Earth-9997)

      Fandom· 1 day ago

      After marrying the Black Panther, Storm relocated to Wakanda where she lived as his queen for many years. At the the first modern recording of Storm'...

    • Vincent Destine (Earth-616)

      Vincent Destine (Earth-616)

      Fandom· 1 day ago

      Vincent Destine was the child of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. Compared to his siblings, Vincent was adept at using his magical gifts...

    • Eros (Earth-616)

      Eros (Earth-616)

      Fandom· 16 hours ago

      Eros is the youngest son of two Eternals A'Lars and Sui-San. Originally named Eron, he was rechristened Eros at the age of 5, given his interest in the...