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    • 20 Of The World's Unhealthiest Foods

      20 Of The World's Unhealthiest Foods

      Daily Meal via Yahoo News· 8 hours ago

      A lot of easily available foods aren't as healthy as they could be. Here are some of the world's unhealthiest, with suggestions of healthier...

    • What Is Pancreatic Cancer?

      What Is Pancreatic Cancer?

      Health via Yahoo News· 1 day ago

      Surgeons also remove nearby structures, including the gallbladder, lymph nodes, part of the bile duct, and sometimes part of the stomach. The surgeon...

    • Confused by Nutrition Labels? You’re Not Alone

      The Longview News-Journal· 4 days ago

      People want to make healthy choices for themselves and their families, but how can they when the information available to them can be so overwhelming? For years, the Nutrition Facts label on ...

    • What Causes an Itchy Neck?

      What Causes an Itchy Neck?

      Health via Yahoo News· 5 days ago

      Dry skin, underlying health conditions, insect bites, and allergies can all cause an itchy neck. Home remedies and medications can help relieve symptoms.

    • Burning Up | John Washington

      Burning Up | John Washington

      New York Review of Books· 5 days ago

      In 1957 Manley Natland, a geologist working for the California-based Richfield Oil Corporation, was sent to the Athabasca oil sands in Alberta, Canada,...