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    • The Ending Of The Fantastic Four Explained

      Looper· 8 hours ago

      Like Mister Fantastic, its premise is stretched inhumanly thin. Like Ben Grimm, it gets rocky all over halfway through the movie. Like Sue Storm, nobody saw it. Like Captain America, who was not in that film, we could do this all day.

    • Harley Quinn Is The Cure Gotham Needs

      Screen Rant· 3 hours ago

      In Batman #107 and Man-Bat #3, Harley Quinn proves that she could be a better hero than Batman if Gotham and the Dark Knight allowed her. Written by...

    • A Brief History of DC Comics' Black Supermen

      Gizmodo· 8 hours ago

      As long as the original Superman has had counterparts like Steel and, more recently, Final Crisis’ Calvin Ellis of Earth-23, there have been comics fans...