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    • When you're handed the aux

      The Michigan Daily· 5 days ago

      Or are your passengers the kind of people who’d appreciate the underground indie scene more and call you “basic” for playing Travis Scott? Or the one filled exclusively with TikTok songs. After ...

    • MUSIC PICKS SEP 21 - 27

      MUSIC PICKS SEP 21 - 27

      Salt Lake City Weekly· 5 days ago

      Japanese-British musician and actor Rina Sawayama has been destined for big things since her debut album dropped back in 2020. On Sawayama, she combines...

    • Another Vintage

      Another Vintage

      The North Coast Journal· 4 days ago

      Quite a bit more morbid for the sensibilities of an American audience, similar to how Rimbaud's Une Saison en Enfer rolls with much more seeping, nuanced...