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    • Standard auto insurance

      Standard auto insurance

      Bankrate via AOL· 6 hours ago

      Your driving record, claims history, state of residence and the type of car you drive will all affect your final cost of car insurance

    • Mechanical breakdown insurance

      AOL· 10 hours ago

      Your standard car insurance policy covers a lot, but it doesn’t cover the cost of vehicle repairs unless they’re caused by a covered peril. The average ...

    • Minnesota car insurance laws

      Minnesota car insurance laws

      Bankrate via AOL· 5 days ago

      Additionally, each company has its own proprietary algorithm to weigh these factors. As such, the best car insurance company in Minnesota will be...

    • Can I be on my parents’ insurance?

      AOL· 15 hours ago

      For young drivers, car insurance can be a major expense. This can make it difficult for young adults to afford their own insurance policy ...

    • SR-22 Georgia

      SR-22 Georgia

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 1 day ago

      While your existing insurance provider might offer this service, SR-22 filings are not a universal offering due to the high-risk nature associated with...

    • Gap insurance Massachusetts

      Gap insurance Massachusetts

      Bankrate via AOL· 5 days ago

      However, gap coverage may be cheapest through your car insurance carrier when you add it to your current insurance policy. Gap