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    • When Is It OK to Cheat at Wordle?

      When Is It OK to Cheat at Wordle?

      Lifehacker via Yahoo News· 5 days ago

      Do you cheat at Wordle? That’s going to depend on your definition of cheating, of course. Peeking at somebody else’s screen when they’re solving is...

    • ABS speaks your guest’s language | By Jos Schaap

      Hospitality Net· 9 hours ago

      Hoteliers have a language problem, but it’s not what you think. It’s not the ability to speak to people from other countries. It’s the way they sell their products – their rooms. Given the amount ...

    • The Trailblazers: Introducing Dishare

      The Trailblazers: Introducing Dishare

      Forbes· 3 days ago

      Dishare is a personalized, culinary health-sensitive platform based on social networks, crowdsourcing, and AI that leads users to better culinary...