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    • Harry Potter (film series)

      Harry Potter (film series)

      Fandom· 4 hours ago

      In the first two films, directed by [[Chris Columbus]], it was golden, however [[Alfonso Cuarón|Alfonso Cuaron]], the director of [[Harry

    • Patronus Charm

      Patronus Charm

      Fandom· 2 hours ago

      Where is it said that Nymphadoea´s Patronus was a ferret? Rodolphus I thought it was a wolf?? Mafalda Hopkirk 17:29, 2 November 2007 (UTC) Accordinng to ...

    • Hermione Granger's beaded handbag

      Fandom· 5 hours ago

      Hermione Granger owned a small, purple, beaded handbag, which she purchased in the summer of 1997 or earlier. Inside the handbag, Hermione carried clothes ...

    • Battle of Hogwarts

      Battle of Hogwarts

      Fandom· 5 days ago

      The Battle of Hogwarts was the final conflict of the Second Wizarding War. When the Dark wizard Lord Voldemort learned ...

    • Hermione Granger

      Hermione Granger

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      After it was confiscated by the snatchers it was never given back in the books. Does JKR ever address this? Does she get a new one, or did participating...