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    • Birmingham magazine’s culture picks for January

      Birmingham News· 1 day ago

      Chef, a blog built on the belief that good skin begins with good gut health, Carla has built a mass following that swears by her products—which include a variety of skincare regimens. Before ...

    • A Keto-Friendly Approach to Weight Loss

      Purcell Register· 5 days ago

      Understand what the keto approach entails. Essentially, the keto diet significantly reduces carbohydrates and replaces them with higher-fat foods. Consider using a proven ...

    • Could you give up meat and dairy for a month?

      The Gazette· 1 day ago

      Shack is one of tens of thousands of Americans who have signed up with the British charity Veganuary this year, agreeing to try a vegan diet free of all animal products. Worldwide ...