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    • Company used scrap metal to make toys

      Weirton Daily Times· 5 days ago

      It became Arcade Manufacturing Co. in 1885 and the first product was a cork puller. In 1893, they started to make toys to make use of the scrap metal. In 1921, the company decided to make toys ...

    • Would a parrot be the right pet for you?

      Weirton Daily Times· 5 days ago

      Would a parrot be the right pet for you? Parrots are marvelous, intelligent animals, but they are not good pets for everyone, for many reasons. Dear Heloise: I always reserve some pasta water after boiling pasta.

    • Calls from bathroom not the best manners

      Weirton Daily Times· 5 days ago

      Dear Annie: I’ve noticed a strange habit that some people seem to have. Recently, several friends have talked to me on the phone while using the bathroom. Is it proper etiquette to be using ...

    • Your daily horoscope: Jan. 25, 2021

      Greensboro News & Record· 3 days ago

      TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (Jan. 25): You'll partner with two types: those as adventurous and daring as you, and those who have an entirely different view from yours who can show you

    • Today's daily horoscope: Jan. 26

      Greensboro News & Record· 2 days ago

      The confidential information lands with you because people trust you to hear them without judgment, problem-solve without drama and keep it all under wraps, too. Such exercises are fascinating ...