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    how many ebola deaths in us
    • Remember Ebola: stop mass death in Africa

      Nature· 1 day ago

      As I write, mass fatalities from COVID-19 have begun in Africa. In my own Liberia, the proportion of people who have had both doses is just 0.18%. The disease is more deadly here than elsewhere ...

    • Planning for a pandemic

      Planning for a pandemic

      Newsday· 4 days ago

      The early days of the COVID-19 epidemic on Long Island were marked by chaos and confusion in search of a wider plan. Hospitals were in many ways left to...

    • No more need to ‘wait and see’

      No more need to ‘wait and see’

      The Lake County Record-Bee· 5 days ago

      As the second summer of the pandemic unfolds, our region faces unique concerns. A wide range of views about the virus and the pandemic itself exist in...

    • Fauci’s Billion-Dollar Plan to Fight the Next Pandemic

      The Fiscal Times· 2 days ago

      Welcome to the last week of July — and likely the crucial last days for negotiators working on a bipartisan infrastructure deal to try to reach agreement on a plan calling for nearly $600 billion ...