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    • Biden Is a Study in Failed Centrism

      Biden Is a Study in Failed Centrism

      The American Conservative· 2 days ago

      Recently in this space, we considered the political economy of MAGA, observing that the upside of Trump-style polarization is an increase in state-based...

    • Congress Wins A Tax Battle, But May Lose The War

      Forbes· 2 days ago

      This week, the US Supreme Court denied a $15,000 refund to stockholders Charles and Kathleen Moore for taxes they paid on their share of undistributed profits from an offshore corporation. The ...

    • The Coming Supercyclical Crisis· 7 days ago

      You know I’m highly concerned about government debt in the developed world, particularly the US. Now all we can do is imagine what the crisis will look like… and how much it will hurt. It’s ...