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    • Space company works on new reusable rocket

      China Daily· 1 day ago

      Expace Technology in Hubei province has been working on a reusable rocket that will be propelled by liquid oxygen-methane engines. With a thrust of 70 metric ...

    • Fish farming on dry land nets multiple catches

      China Daily· 12 hours ago

      To support his family of five, Deng Zhongzheng used to spend day and night on the Qingjiang River tending to his floating fish farm. The results of the government's decision have been twofold ...

    • Shore power fueling more vessels at port

      China Daily· 12 hours ago

      A greater number of vessels operating in the Yangtze River Economic Belt are using shore power, signifying progress is being made on the low-carbon development of the belt across its nine regions ...

    • China welcomes foreign astronauts, space tourists

      China Daily· 1 day ago

      China will promote the participation of foreign astronauts and space tourists in space station flights. It's confident that its space station will welcome more new members from different backgrounds ...

    • US exhibition showcases ancient splendor

      US exhibition showcases ancient splendor

      China Daily· 3 days ago

      As the biggest archaeological exhibition traveling from China to the United States after the COVID-19 pandemic waned, Phoenix Kingdoms: The Last Splendor...

    • Aerospace exhibition to open in Wuhan

      China Daily· 22 hours ago

      The exhibition will be open to the public on Wednesday afternoon, with the aerospace industry achievements exhibition area opening until April 27 and the science popularization area opening until May 5.