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    • Musk As Muse

      Musk As Muse

      New York Magazine· 5 days ago

      One overlooked feature of Elon Musk’s chaotic romantic life is his partners tend to be professionally creative women. Just as they have been objects of...

    • A Close Read of @elonmusk

      A Close Read of @elonmusk

      New York Magazine· 3 days ago

      Elon Musk joined his favorite social-media platform on June 4, 2010, with a vow of authenticity: “Please ignore prior tweets, as that was someone...

    • Elon’s Biggest Boondoggle

      Elon’s Biggest Boondoggle

      New York Magazine· 6 days ago

      The worst place to be in Los Angeles during rush hour is the Sepulveda Pass, where a ten-lane segment of the 405 freeway runs through a mountain range....

    • An Elon Musk Photo Book

      An Elon Musk Photo Book

      New York Magazine· 3 days ago

      Showman, chief executive, troll, international lover: The visual record of Elon Musk shows a man becoming ever-more resolute about who he is and how he...

    • Daily Authority: Xiaomi's cheaper Fold 4 alternative

      Android Authority· 3 days ago

      The internet is abuzz with news about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, but over on the other side of the planet, Xiaomi announced a fairly compelling alternative. It runs a custom UI ...

    • I met 2050 me, and here’s what I learned

      I met 2050 me, and here’s what I learned

      Fast Company Magazine· 4 days ago

      Back in November 2021, the Arts and Industries Building in Washington, D.C., hosted a striking exhibition called Futures. Boasting 150 objects, ideas,...