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    • Russia: Vladimir Is Not Amused

      Strategy Page· 8 hours ago

      May 3, 2019: Russia is supporting the Syrian government offensive in northwestern Syria against the last bit of rebel-controlled territory (Idlib province). Russian warplanes ...

    • Iran: Friends For Sale

      Strategy Page· 19 hours ago

      February 22, 2019: Amidst all the defeats and setbacks Iran is suffering at home and overseas there is one notable victory. Iran was able to persuade the ...

    • Drone Attack on Tel Aviv Provokes Rapid Response

      Drone Attack on Tel Aviv Provokes Rapid Response

      The Dispatch via Yahoo News· 9 hours ago

      The group also launched attacks on ships traversing the Red Sea over the weekend and, thanks to Iran, it is well-equipped to continue to do so for the...

    • Syria: Iran Gets No Respect

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      This is the largest number of warships Russia has ever deployed to the Syrian coast and this is officially an effort to deter the U.S. Navy from attacking the Syrian forces ...