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    • Logistics: Hezbollah Took The Hit

      Strategy Page· 14 hours ago

      June 6, 2019: Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shia militia in Lebanon, was created in the early 1980s. Hezbollah has been increasingly dependent on Iranian cash subsidies to maintain ...

    • Israel Strikes Yemen After Houthi Attack

      Forbes· 3 days ago

      The Israel Defense Forces claimed responsibility on Saturday for a deadly air strike in western Yemen, the first time Israel has directly attacked ...

    • Syria: Iran Gets No Respect

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      This is the largest number of warships Russia has ever deployed to the Syrian coast and this is officially an effort to deter the U.S. Navy from attacking the Syrian forces ...

    • Syria: A Bitter Aftertaste

      Strategy Page· 6 hours ago

      July 23, 2019: While the Assad government has regained control of more than 70 percent of Syrian territory, they only have about half of the pre-war population (23 million). About 20 percent ...