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    • Somalia: Turks And Iranians Unite The Country

      Strategy Page· 2 hours ago

      May 17, 2021: Since mid-2020 Somalia has been unable to organize national elections for parliament and parliament. Since early April president Farmajo has been using Turkish trained-troops and ...

    • Iran: Desperate Times, Desperate Gambles

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      (Islamic Revolution Guard Corps), whose main job is to keep the religious dictatorship in power, has been accused of seeking to expand its own control over Iran. The IRGC is apparently even ...

    • Yemen: Dueling Delusions

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      May 10, 2021: The word from rebel-held territory is that Iran is giving the orders now. This began in late 2020 after Iran sent a Quds Force general to be the Iranian ambassador ...

    • Air Defense: Greek Patriots Head To Saudi Arabia

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      The Saudis requested the Patriot battery in 2019 and Greece initially agreed, but delayed sending the Patriot battery because their eastern neighbor, Turkey, suddenly became more of a