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    • Earthquake in Japan - Nature

      Nature· 17 hours ago

      ONE of the most violent earthquakes of recent years was recorded by the seismographs at Kew, West Bromwich, New York and Bombay, and probably throughout the world, on December ...

    • Fujisan1 - Nature

      Nature· 18 hours ago

      ALL who remember the beautiful plates illustrating the volume on “The Great Earthquake of Japan, 1891,” which was issued by the same authors a few months ...

    • Seismological Work in Japan1 - Nature

      Nature· 4 days ago

      This Society is called the Seismological Society of Japan. An epitome of a portion of this work is to be found in nine Reports on the volcanic phenomena of Japan& ...

    • Recent Earthquakes - Nature

      Nature· 4 days ago

      The Americas, the Aleutian Islands and Japan provided the world-recorded earthquakes, the greatest being on January 26 at lOh. 06.7m. G.M.T. in western ...

    • The Darjeeling Disaster - Nature

      Nature· 11 hours ago

      UNUSUALLY large seismograms were obtained in the Isle of Wight on September 3, 10, 17, 20 and 23. The first three refer to disturbances originating in Alaska. The fourth refers to disasters ...

    • Earthquakes and how to Measure them 1 - Nature

      Nature· 4 days ago

      EWING explained that the study of earthquakes had two aspects, one geological and the other mechanical, and it was of the latter alone that his lecture was to treat. The mechanical ...