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    • Biden’s Heartbreaking Press Conference

      Biden’s Heartbreaking Press Conference

      The Atlantic· 4 days ago

      Glimpses of the politician’s inner monologue—resentment at how underappreciated he is—spoken aloud, as it never should be, in all its narcissism and...

    • Michael Barone, print only

      Michael Barone, print only

      Colorado Springs Gazette· 10 hours ago

      Fourteen days after his disastrous debate, President Joe Biden is still in the race for reelection. Multiple elected Democrats, New York Times editorial...

    • No One Knows How the Election Will Play Out

      No One Knows How the Election Will Play Out

      Vanity Fair· 12 hours ago

      There was a crushing news cycle about Joe Biden’s bad debate, with a parade of pundits telling us the president can’t win. Of course, a lot of pundits...