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    • Gateway - Jalopnik

      Jalopnik· 7 hours ago

      Jaguar Land Rover is knocking back one quarter of its production over the next five years, Automotive News reports. The news has come via an investor presentation. If there’s a popular

    • Steele group sues JLR for closed Jaguar store

      Automotive News· 5 days ago

      The suit claims that JLR Canada failed to disclose upcoming changes to Jaguar’s business strategy, including a plan to transition from a dealership sales model to an online ...

    • UK ZF Foxconn plant marks 20 years

      UK ZF Foxconn plant marks 20 years

      Just Auto via Yahoo Finance· 5 days ago

      The ZF Foxconn chassis modules plant for chassis system assembly in Solihull marked its 20th anniversary today. The factory primarily supplies Tata...

    • Gateway - Quartz

      Quartz· 19 hours ago

      German auto giant BMW sold at least 8,000 MINI Cooper vehicles containing parts made by a banned Chinese supplier, according to a new report from the United States Senate. The U.S. in 2021 passed ...