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    • UTreasure Announces New Line of Kingdom Hearts Jewelry

      Siliconera· 16 hours ago

      U-TREASURE announced a new line of Kingdom Hearts jewelry in the form of Message Rings, silver rings engraved with iconic lines from the Kingdom Hearts series. There are ten rings available ...

    • Best Games for Holiday 2022

      Best Games for Holiday 2022

      Gamepressure· 15 hours ago

      Christmas time is neigh, which means many of us will be able to enjoy some more free time. And thus, more time to play. Here are games that are most fun...

    • Halloween Town Sold Me On Kingdom Hearts

      Halloween Town Sold Me On Kingdom Hearts

      TheGamer· 7 days ago

      It’s an abstruse excuse to mash Disney together, but it’s also a celebration of our favourite movies, and getting to explore Halloween Town made me light...

    • Tsurughime | Official Teaser Trailer

      Tsurughime | Official Teaser Trailer

      MSN News· 5 days ago

      Tsurugihime is a side-scrolling action RPG by developer Fahrenheit 213 who was founded by Yosuke Shiokawa best known for his work on renowned titles like...