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    • Hanso Foundation

      Fandom· 6 hours ago

      The Hanso Foundation is an organization founded by Alvar Hanso, whose aim was to "reach out to a better tomorrow" by researching ways to preserve human life and promote well-being. It was established ...

    • Gary Troup

      Fandom· 6 hours ago

      Gary Troup was a middle-section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. He was the author of mystery novel Bad Twin and the controversial The Valenzetti Equation. He was one of the people who survived ...

    • Real-World References

      Fandom· 1 day ago

      WARFRAME contains many references to the world outside of the in-game universe. This page serves to document these allusions as noted on many articles' Trivia sections. Wukong and Nezha are ...

    • What the West Gets Wrong About the SCO

      What the West Gets Wrong About the SCO

      The National Interest· 5 days ago

      Leaders of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries met in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on Sept 15-16 for an annual summit. The SCO is increasingly...

    • Building Generational Bridges

      Hospitality Net· 1 day ago

      Each generation in today’s workplace brings a unique set of experiences, perspectives, and strengths. With five different generations working side-by-side at Hilton, our Generations TMRG (Team ...