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    1. Are you up to speed on the latest food and fitness trends? Should you get an activity tracker? Take a fitness class? Your gut bacteria has a major impact on your health.

    2. These women transformed their bodies through healthy eating and a dedication to fitness

    3. Two dozen pages list hundreds of items, from cosmetics, baby, pet and cleaning products to vitamins to dietary supplements for weight loss. There may also be Uniquely J branded ...

    4. The lawsuit claims that consumers could mistakenly believe drinking diet soda will assist in weight loss or management.

    5. Blac Chyna is reportedly claiming that her ex, Rob Kardashian, had a top secret weight loss surgery that cost over $100k — after he shamed her for having cosmetic surgery. Rob ...

    6. Here are seven of Kim Kardashian’s secrets to getting rid of pregnancy weight fast. Kim’s weight-loss plan involved both diet and exercise.

    7. Fasting intermittently seems to confer a range of benefits. A new study takes a look at the chemical pathways that might be involved.

    8. Reaching your weight loss goals depends on your balance of exercise, dieting, and even your genetic makeup.

    9. As the U.S. obesity rate has galloped toward 40 percent, doctors, drug designers and dispirited dieters have all wondered the same thing: What if a pill could deliver the benefits of weight ...

    10. Here’s how intermittent fasting can help you lose weight

      Atlanta Journal-Constitution8 hours ago

      Intermittent fasting diets, where you incorporate periods of fasting (or near-fasting), are all the rage in the health world right now. Previous research has shown the diet may decrease risk ...

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