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    • Moisture in the Atmosphere of Mars - Nature

      Nature· 3 days ago

      IN your issue of May 5 I see a note in the astronomical column on Mr. Lowell's theory of the Martian canals. If, as Mr. Lowell says, there is not sufficient moisture on the planet to produce ...

    • Planetary Atmospheres - Nature

      Nature· 4 days ago

      In recognition of this and other contributions to astrophysics, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1921, and he has been similarly honoured by a number of other ...

    • Our Astronomical Column - Nature

      Nature· 3 days ago

      THE ATMOSPHERE OF MARS.—In August 1924 Mr. Wright obtained at the Lick Observatory photographs of Mars in ultra-violet, yellow and red light. The former showed a larger image ...