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    • Races for Congress in 2022 could get wild

      MPR News· 7 days ago

      A delayed U.S. Census and gridlock in Minnesota government could lead to political chaos in 2022: a giant at-large statewide election for all of the...

    • Wisconsin GOP Seeks To Limit Ballot Drop Boxes

      CBS Minnesota· 5 days ago

      Ballot drop boxes would not be allowed anywhere other than election clerk offices in Wisconsin, and only voters — not elections officials — could fill...

    • Opinion: History won’t pardon the inciter-in-chief

      Lawrence Journal-World· 6 days ago

      Not for inciting an insurrection to overturn the constitutional certification of the presidential election. Hours after escaping the insurrectionist mob, 147 GOP representatives and six GOP senators continued the attempted coup, just more peacefully.