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    monkeypox outbreak images
    • WHO renames monkeypox as 'mpox' | CNN

      WHO renames monkeypox as 'mpox' | CNN· 7 hours ago

      The World Health Organization announced Monday that “mpox” is now the preferred name for monkeypox. “Both names will be used simultaneously for one year...

    • 'Monkeypox' Is No More

      'Monkeypox' Is No More

      newser· 1 hour ago

      Monkeypox remains a global health threat, but the name itself is going away. The World Health Organization declared Monday that the disease will be...

    • WHO Announces New Name for Monkeypox: ‘Mpox’

      WHO Announces New Name for Monkeypox: ‘Mpox’

      US News & World Report· 1 hour ago

      The organization said that it will use both mpox and monkeypox for a year as the old name is phased out to “mitigate the concerns raised by experts about...