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    • Caine Sinclair

      Caine Sinclair

      Fandom· 3 hours ago

      Marvel episodes Generation Why and Crushed and the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episodes A Normal Amount of Rage, The People vs. Emil Blonsky...

    • Kamala Khan (Earth-616)

      Fandom· 19 hours ago

      Ms. Marvel, is a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey.[22] She possess latent Inhuman lineage activated by the Terrigen Bomb. When she was ...

    • Vibranium Spear

      Vibranium Spear

      Fandom· 14 hours ago

      The Vibranium Spear is a weapon traditionally wielded by members of the Dora Milaje. Wakandan Spears were the traditional weapon of the Dora Milaje. As...